Healing Source


Website, Digital Marketing.

Project Details

Healing Source is a medical tourism company based out of Middle East which helps people who are looking for treatment in India for illnesses such as Cancer, organ replacements, dentistry and more.


We created a website for Healing Source which was concise and used colours that were not too jarring so that inbound visitors felt a sense of trust when they visited the site. The landing page contained unique selling points that differentiated the brand from its competitors. All this was done in a single page so that visitors could make quick decisions and enrol for free consultation after going through the website.

Digital Marketing

We ran google adwords for Healing Source targeting people in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman who were searching for terms relating to ‘treatments’ for certain illnesses being offered by hospitals and doctors in India. We created a lead capture page where inbound visitors could put in their details like their email IDs and phone numbers. In this way we were able to quickly convert inbound visitors into business prospects.

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